Friday, June 24, 2005

book 1. (to the island)

sylvia's mother
was born in a port
on the southern side

of a tropical
nestled deep in the heart

of the caribbean
her father was a fisherman

with a small


he sailed out
and came home empty handed.

till one day he spied
a lone grey-white

split from its
chain gang and scuttle out
for the sea.

hoping this bird
might be hunting some

the fisherman chased him
out into
the blue.

two long days he did follow
like the man in the

only to find
back where he had left.

insensed with the sea bird
he reached for his

and shot the great
from out of the sky.

and the very same
that the bird hit ground

the fisherman found
he no longer
could see.

now blinded the seaman
was helped by his

till the fish grew so few
that they had
none to spare.

soon his starved
was too much to bear

so the fisherman
bundled him
into a boat,

with his child
beside him
and his wife left at home.

for days on they floated
till finally they found

washed up
on a beach.


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